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FAQ - Services

Sofraser has a worldwide distributor network and can service any country in the world. Contact the company from which the sensor was purchased or contact Sofraser directly. Most repairs are made at the factory in France.>

If the sensor was manufactured after 1993, this option is possible. Since our sensors are very robust, it is not uncommon for customers to upgrade the electronics without changing the sensor.
However, the sensor must go back to the factory where it will be matched with its new electronics unit before being returned.>

Our serial numbers have the following format : "ABC 1234".
The most common place to find the serial is on marking plate on the sensor itself.
The serial number can also be found on the sensor literature as well as on the inside of the electronics.
In the case of newer electronics, the serial number is entered in the program and can be displayed by accessing the proper menu (see the User Manual for more information).>

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