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The MIVI sensor is extremely repeatable, even in non-Newtonian fluids.>

The process generates a shear rate, thus altering a non-Newtonian product. In this particular situation, no principle in the world is able to provide an absolute measurement. Regarding non-Newtonian products, it is always necessary to make a correlation with reference values (lab measurements). In this situation, the best sensor for non-Newtonian fluids will be the sensor that provides the most repeatable measurement.> >The repeatable MIVI viscometer operates at a high shear rate which allows, in many pseudoplastic fluids, viscosity measurement in the "SeconViscosity vs Shear rated Newtonian Range". In essence, this is the flatter part of the shear rate vs. the viscosity curve. it is within this range that pseudoplastic fluids exhibit a Newtonian behavior.>

Since the MIVI is designed to adapt to every process, pipe size or viscosity range; it works in difficult conditions: high temperature, pressure changes, corrosive elements, clogging fluids, etc.>

Our standard sensor is manufactured with 316L SS. Wetted parts in Hastelloy> or other special alloys (e.g. 316Ti) are available upon request. To prevent abrasion or corrosion, a wide range of coatings is available: PTFE, PFA, Enamel, ADLC, etc.>

For its quality system, our company carries CE certification. Our sensor has the following Ex-proof certifications: FM, ATEX, KGS and JIS. For sanitary requirements, the sensor is manufactured according to 3A standards.>

See our certifications page here.>>

>Our MIVI sensor :> >FM approval for class Ι, Division 1, Group A, B, C & D hazardous locations T4A>
>Our MIVI sensor:> >- ATEX II 2G d IIc T1 to T6 - for gas> >- ATEX II 2 D AZI IP27 T. 75°C to T. 300°C - for dust>

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