Technology publications

Publications on Sofraser technology

Sofraser patents

  • Vibrating needle viscosity meter
    European patent EP 0 123 608

  • Method and system for determining the viscosity of a product
    European patent EP 2045594

  • Method and system implying and oscillating element for the determination of physical characteristics of a product
    European patent EP 2911188

Scientific publications

  • Vibrating beam in viscous fluid for viscosity sensing: application to an industrial vibrating viscometer
    Author manuscript, published in "Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics 2012, Port of Spain: Trinidad and Tobago (2012)" - Authors: Badiane, Gasser, Blond, Bellière

  • Electro-magneto-fluid-structural coupling problem: the vibrating viscometer
    Author manuscript, published in "The ASME 2012 11th Biennial Conference On Engineering Systems Design And Analysis, Nantes: France (2012)" - Authors: Badiane, Gasser, Blond, Bellière, Vancayzeele

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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Forty years of viscosity expertise result in Sofraser’s success as the most innovative process viscometer manufacturer.

As a testament to that achievement, our sensor's technology is the benchmark for thousands of industries worldwide."

Dr. Luc K. Bellière, President