OEM viscosity measurement solutions

Designed for process machinery

Sofraser OEM viscometer assures the improvement of your equipment’s performance by allowing instant viscosity and temperature measurements in almost every production environments.


Specific design

Customized development to fit equipment requirements and meet industry standards

Robust, reliable, and maintenance-free

Provides long-lasting customer satisfaction

Unprecedented versatility

Designed to address an extensive range of applications

Easy to handle and install

Mounted in any position, brings innovation, added value, and reduces the cost of machinery

No downtime

Achieves optimal production efficiency

Basic electronics

For simple viscosity measurement or control

Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Based on Sofraser's technological knowledge and advanced patents, Sofraser OEM solutions assure that, in almost every production environment, process performance will be enhanced by allowing immediate viscosity and temperature measurements

Jean-Marie Duboys,
OEM & Key account Manager