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- Application of combined density and viscosity measurements with single sensor for new kinematic viscosity analyzer at reference temperature
Paper and talk, ISA Analysis Division, Galveston (Texas), April 2016

Using viscometers to control batch polymerization reactions, 
and talk, ISA Instrumentation Division, May 2015

- New analyzer for viscosity measurement at reference temperature,
Paper and talk, ISA Analysis Division, Galveston, Texas, April 2015

Sensitive process viscosity measurement at extremely high pressure
for downhole applications
Paper and talk, HPHT Conference, September 2014

New in-line viscosity measurement for very high viscosity products - Application to plastic and elastomer extruder 
Paper and talk, 
ISA Analysis Division, Baton Rouge, May 2014


Validating the use of a vibrating viscometer at resonance frequency for fuel characterization  
Paper and talk, ISA Analysis Division, Galveston, TX, April 2013

The resonant technology in energy field presentation, "Successful R&I in Europe 2013: Takeoff for Horizon 2020 5th European Networking Event" 
March 2013, Düsseldorf, Germany

Vibrating technology in fluids characterization presentation, IFPAC 2013, Baltimore, USA

- High Sensitivity Viscosity Sensor presentation, ACHEMA 2012 Frankfurt, Germany

On-line viscosity measurement at reference temperature and Viscosity Index calculation
Paper and talk, ISA Analysis Division, Anaheim, CA, May 2012

- 4th International Technology Convention talks in Düsseldorf, Germany March 8-9, 2012
The resonant technology in fluid and paste characterization: food and beverage and bio-technologies applications
Material characterization using resonant technology

- Through thick and thin
Viscosity control analysis through a variety of petroleum operations
Published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, Nov. 2011

Automatic viscosity analyzer for the petroleum industry
Measurement solutions and viscosity at reference temperature poster
Gulf Coast Conference in Galveston, TX, Sept. 2011




- Reactive compounds to fibrous webs - Tong Sun, Neenah; Jeffrey D. Lindsay,
Appleton, both of WI (US) - Kimerbley Clark Corporation - United States Patent

Lipase catalyzed ester hydrolysis - Novo Nordisk European patent

- Pectate lyases - Novozymes A/S, Biotechnology patents

A vibrating reed viscometer, sensitive to changes in the concentration of exopolysaccharide and mycelial biomass and to the morphology of the mycelium
Biotechnology techniques

Sizing composition for glass yarns, method using composition and resulting products
United States Application US20030194553

Online estimate and control of polymer quality in a copolymerization reactor
School of Chemical Engineering and Institute of Chemical Processes, Seoul National University, Korea

Reaction Inhibition in the Control of Exothermic Runaway. Viscosity Annex Development and Testing of an In-situ Viscosity: Measuring System for the Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter
Chilworth Technology Ltd - "Styrene polymerisation reaction initiated at 70°C and catalysed with 0.5 % w/w benzoyl peroxide. This test was conducted to evaluate the performance..."

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