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Visbreaking in petroleum refineries: the key for a valuable product

In Refineries and Petrochemical processes, on-site control is of primary importance with regards to product quality. The use of reliable viscosity measurement is critical to refineries for safe characterization
and handling the products. It became essential for better process control while increasing output capacity to meet ever growing demands.
Developed in the late 1930s, it is used to produce more valuable products while maximizing end-product profitability.

Measuring the viscosity of starch glue for the production of corrugated cardboard

Classified in polymer product family, starch is used in a large part of industrial production, especially in packaging industry.
Starch glue is principally employed for bonding paper products and is used in the manufacture of corrugated board.

Viscosity index: how to control viscosity of oils and lubricants?

Controlling the viscosity index (VI) of lubricants and hydraulic fluids is an essential step in many manufacturing processes of the petroleum industry.
Viscosity and fluidity have a considerable influence on the quality of the end product. 





Electronic 9510 : a real-time reading of viscosity and temperature measurements

Sofraser presents the new compact processor 9510, specially developed for viscometers
MIVI 9000 Numeric.
This electronic interface allows instant display of the viscosity and temperature.

Density and kinematic viscosity measurement with a single direct insertion probe

Sofraser (France) MIVI sensor and 9701 electronic measure and display in real-time dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, density and temperature with a single instrument. The measurement principle is based on the vibration at resonance frequency technology invented and patented by the company in 1981.

New online analyser able to directly monitor kinematic viscosity at reference temperature

Thermoset-KV is a powerful online analyzer specially designed to directly measure kinematic viscosity at reference temperature. Compared to other technologies available on the market, the Thermoset-KV is the only analyzer able to directly monitor kinematic viscosity and to provide measures in cSt (up to 500 cSt).  




The Sofraser MIVI viscometer obtains ATEX ex-proof certification for Zone 0

Explosion-proof rated type “d” for more than 30 years, including ATEX, FM Class I Div 1, JIS, KGS, the MIVI can now be used in all hazardous areas up to and including Zone 0 (explosive atmosphere continuously present). 
With an intrinsically safe design, the MIVI includes a protection for safe use in hazardous area by limiting the energy available for ignition under any circumstances.





Sofraser exhibits in the USA at the 59th ISA Analysis Division Symposium

France (May 2014) - Dr. Luc Bellière and Corentin Thierry represented Sofraser in the United States by exhibiting the MIVI viscometer and the new Soflux viscometer for very high viscosity plastics and extrusion processes at the 59th ISA analysis Division symposium held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, May 04-08, 2014.

Inline viscosity measurement on plastics extrusion machinery

Sofraser launches new viscosity solution for plastic extrusion (March 2014) 

Sofraser launches a new vibrating inline process viscometer, Soflux, dedicated to the production, extrusion and injection of very high viscosity polymers. The Sofraser new inline viscometer measures the viscosity directly in the stream, with no derivation, and fits any molten polymer extrusion die, thus providing a revolution into high viscosity plastic extrusion process control.

Sofast BV Benchtop Viscometer

France (January 2014) - Sofraser launches the Sofast BV: a new product for fast and reliable 
benchtop viscosity measurement. Placed near the process or in the lab, Sofraser's new Sofast BV 
completes - in less than sixty seconds - the viscosity measurement chain, allowing incredible time savings. 

Downhole sensitive process viscosity measurement at extremely high pressures

Sofraser reinforces its presence on very high pressure applications for viscosity measurement needed for fracturing, drilling and PVT experiments (Pressure, Viscosity, Temperature).





Advanced Group - Sofraser

In order to further develop sales and presence in Asia, Sofraser decided to initiate distribution 
collaboration with Advanced Holdings Group. 
France (July 2013) - Sofraser is pleased to announce that the company, Advanced Engineering Holdings PTE LTD, has subscribed new shares.

Inline Measurement with the MIVI Viscometer: Viscosity Advantages for Polymerization

The MIVI process viscometer detects, monitors, and controls the polymerization process' numerous phases and is perfectly adapted for the chemical industry's extensive requirements.
France (June 2013) - Polymerization occurs through a variety of reaction mechanisms that differ in complexity.

Annoucing US representative

Experienced instrumentation companies promote the sofraser product line to a wide variety of industries.France (April, 2013) - Sofraser is pleased to announce that five representatives in key territories within the USA have added the process viscometer product line to their portfolios.





Thermoset MIVI Automatic analyzer

On-line viscosity measurement at reference temperature
France (December, 2011) – Mainly suited for refining and petroleum-related industries, Sofraser’s   Thermoset MIVI also suits the chemical and polymerization sectors for lubricant producers and resin manufacturers.

High sensitivity viscosity solution for industrial applications

Optimizing fluid technology via highly sensitive viscosity measurement

France (August, 2011) – Viscosity is one of the most sensitive and essential characteristics that determines fluid quality. Historically, instrument developers
strive for additional sensitivity in order to bring advanced measurement solutions to manufacturers.  

Automatic Viscosity analyzer for petrol industry 

Unprecedented results in fuel oil processes 

France (April, 2011) – Sofraser’s Thermoset MIVI for heavy fuel oil processes procures unprecedented results, and users in numerous refineries give enthusiastic feedback.

Sofraser expands its MIVI viscometer capabilities

High temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant viscometers 

France (April, 2011) - With new, high-pressure capabilities working up to 500 bar, Sofraser continues to broaden the
application field of its MIVI viscometer that features a vibrating rod at resonance frequency.




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