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The sensor is matched to its own electronic unit and cannot work without it. >

Yes. Up to 6 sensors can connect to the same PLC> using and intermediate digital transmitter.>

Due to an internal temperature measurement, all sensors have corrected temperature drift. Some electronics allow viscosity calculation at reference temperature (temperature compensated viscosity). To do this, option PT100 (a temperature probe) is recommended, as it measures the product's temperature in process.>

>Depending on the electronics, there are:> > >up to 4  4-20 mA outputs> >up to 2 RS485 / RS232 outputs (using MODBUS / CANBUS)> >up to 9 relays for low / high alarms and diagnostics> >

The sensors are delivered with 3 meter of cable (this is standard). Depending on the electronic device, up to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) can be between the sensor and electronics.>

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