Frequently Asked Questions - About viscometers

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FAQ - About viscometers

There are many reasons to get an automated process viscometer. Some are:> >

  • to reduce the number of laboratory measurements,>
  • to have real-time feedback regarding product evolution or stability,>
  • to optimize process control,>
  • to control product quality,>
  • to verify the quality of purchased goods.> >
  • >Mainly 2 things:> > >robustness to avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime> >repeatability to get timely and reliable information> > >Other parameters:> > >mountable in any position (directly on reactors or pipes, in tank, on bypass loop, etc.)> >compatible with process conditions (temperature, pressure, corrosion, clogging, etc.)> >safety compliant (FM, ATEX, 3A, PED, etc.)> >instantaneous measurement> >automated functioning> >

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