Certifications & agreements

Sofraser conforms to all engineering design, documentation, operations, and manufacturing standards.



ATEX - European explosion proof agreement 

Viscometer agreement according to directive 2014/34/UE (ATEX)

Ex proof agreement

Factory Mutual - American explosion proof agreement

Viscometer agreement according to Factory Mutual's rules and specifications

FM approved

Japanese explosion proof agreement

Viscometer agreement according to JIS explosion proof standards

sigle JIS

KGS certification

Viscometer agreement according to Korean Gas Safety Certification


IECEx certification

Viscometer agrreement according to IECEx LCIE certification.

logo IECEX


International Standards Organization

As of 1996, Sofraser holds ISO 9001 quality system certification

CE Marking - European Conformity

Sofraser's equipment conforms with applicable EC requirements


Sanitary standards - Sanitary viscometer design

Viscometer design in accordance with 3A's specifications for sanitary design


Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"It is Sofraser’s mission to build and maintain strong partnerships with our global network, our key accounts and OEM customers.

Long-lasting products, on-going support, and satisfied customers are direct results of our qualified and knowledgeable group of sales representatives."

Jean-Marie DUBOYS,
OEM & KA Manager