Viscosity analyzer at reference temperature

Simple, rugged and versatile on-line analyzer capable of measuring viscosity at reference temperature

Viscosity is one of the most commonly measured physical properties. It influences storage, handling, operational conditions and can be highly affected by temperature. 

To achieve optimal process control, it is necessary to measure viscosity at reference temperature. Discover Sofraser viscosity analyzer product range. 


Thermoset-KV Sofraser

  Thermoset-KV (Kinematic Viscosity) 

New online analyzer able to directly monitor kinematic viscosity
at reference temperature:

- Direct kynematic viscosity measures in real time on the same product, in the same time and with the same instrument

Able to provide measures in cSt (up to 1000 cSt)

Ex-proof design

- Simple to use and install

- No extra density meter required

- Correlated to ASTM D445

Specially designed for kinematic viscosity at reference temperature monitoring of petroleum products such as crude oils, light fuel blends, visbreaking...


Thermoset-KV Technical Datasheet
Thermoset-KV Technical brochure

Thermoset range comparison




  Thermoset-LT (Lite version)

Lighter analyzer at reference temperature:

Measure dynamic viscosity at reference temperature 
  up to 10 000 cP or more

- Optimized for a single control point

Ex-proof design

- Minimal extra-installation

- Economical: the best price on the market 

- Optional density measurement

- Correlated to the ASTM D445

 The most economical solution on the market. 


Thermoset-LT Technical datasheet
Thermoset range comparison

Thermoset viscosity analyzer   

 Thermoset-CF (Complete Field version)

Automatic viscosity analyzer at reference temperature,
the ALL-IN-ONE solution:

- Measure dynamic viscosity up to 10 000 cP

- Integrated sampling system

Optional internal density meter

- Ex-proof design

- No annex installation, small footprint

- Correlated to ASTM D445

- Able to provide viscosity index 

The ALL-IN-ONE solution for viscosity measurement at 
reference temperature. 

Thermoset-CF Technical datasheet
Thermoset range comparison

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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Our team composed of Doctors, engineers, and electro-technicians strives to push the limits of our sensors.

Our instruments fit multiple mounting configurations: large pipe, reactor, angle, etc.
Coupled with mounting accessories like flanges, elbows, and measuring chambers, Sofraser offers installation solutions that allow optimal fluid measurement."

Dr. Luc K. Bellière, President