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See all the auther products powered by Sofraser, specialist in process vicometers. Discover our friction tester inclined plate.


Very low flow switch

Warning in case of feed break

The injection of de-emulsifiers or anti-froth agents into crude oil during the production process is of utmost importance. If the injection is accidentally interrupted, production can decrease or stop.

The absence of other additives (against corrosion, oxidation, bacteria, etc.) will, over an extended period of time, lead to catastrophic consequences that compromise the installation.

Measurement of dynamic friction coefficient - Friction tester inclined plate (FTIP)

Measures the sliding coefficient of a compact cardbox.

To get this coefficient, the sliding plate measures an angle in degrees and the sliding time in seconds.
The automatic sliding plate is commonly used in the cosmetics and packaging industry.


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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Our team composed of Doctors, engineers, and electro-technicians strives to push the limits of our sensors.

Our instruments fit multiple mounting configurations: large pipe, reactor, angle, etc.
Coupled with mounting accessories like flanges, elbows, and measuring chambers, Sofraser offers installation solutions that allow optimal fluid measurement."

Dr. Luc K. Bellière, President