Cone and plate viscometer

At line viscometer model CPD2000

Established in 1947, Research Equipment (London) Ltd has designed and manufactured scientific equipment for over 50 years supplying a wide section of international industries involved in paint, varnish, resins, bitumens, inks, food and pharmaceutical production.

Research Equipment (London) Ltd manufactures a range of cone and plate Viscometers, originally known as the "ICI" Cone and Plate At Line Viscometers

A range of options are available and these optional extras are incorporated on each At Line Viscometer to suit individual customer needs

The model is recognized by the British Standards Institution and established a British Sandard (BS3900) and an American Standard (A7, ASTM D 4827, ISO 2884)

Intranet Access

Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Our team composed of Doctors, engineers, and electro-technicians strives to push the limits of our sensors.

Our instruments fit multiple mounting configurations: large pipe, reactor, angle, etc.
Coupled with mounting accessories like flanges, elbows, and measuring chambers, Sofraser offers installation solutions that allow optimal fluid measurement."

Dr. Luc K. Bellière, President