Main applications

Discover Sofraser Main Applications

In all industry segments (polymers, oil and gas, printing/coating, food and beverage...), sofraser's experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications.


Petroleum and power

Measuring range options make Sofraser process viscometers as efficient on light fuels as on bitumen

Polymers and Chemicals

Large range inline viscometer with good sensitivity at low viscosity make measurement especially effective for polymerization control

Pharmaceutics and cosmetics

The compact MIVI process viscometer works in any position, even fully immersed, and can be mounted in existing installations without extensive adaptations


Printing, coating, and surface treatment

No drift, real-time viscosity measurement assures a valid and rapid return on investment for printing and painting installations

Food and beverage

A sanitary mounting avoids contamination and the vibrating rod's small size is particularly suited for emulsions

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