Printing, coating and surface treatment


Drift-free, real-time viscosity measurement guarantees quick and good return on investment of printing, painting, and coating processes. Discover the Sofraser process viscometers dedicated to viscosity measurement of inks, paints and varnishes.



- Material waste due to improper recipe blending for multi-components formulations
- Product evolution due to solvent evaporation
- Losses due to excessive product usage
- Nonconformity due to inhomogeneous or out-of-specification product

The Sofraser viscometer is THE ORIGINAL tuning-type sensor (vibrating rod at resonance frequency).
Often copied, never surpassed.


- Provide coating and painting quality and consistency through homogeneity and uniformity
- Continuously deliver viscosity and temperature information
- Are compatible with solvents and water-based formulations
- Are very tolerant to particles
- Can easily be connected to controllers and installed on coating circulation loops
- Contain no wearing parts and require very low maintenanceSofraser-Contact

The Viscosity is the ESSENTIAL physical parameter for ensuring a high quality
standards in Paints, Coatings and Printing industries.  


Discover our Best Seller Solution for printing and coating processes:

Sofraser-Printing-Coating 2                      Sofraser - Sofine viscometer
The Sofine viscometer


Most common products in Coating and Finishing processes:

Glue on wallpaper - Film on specialty paper - Varnish on electronic components (PCB) - Car varnish -
Solvent-base varnish - White paper - PTFE - Coating by spraying - Dye - Enduction - Starch Glue

Applications in Paint industries:

Car painting - Painting by spraying - Enamel - Engine painting - High gloss painting - Metallic painting

Applications in Printing processes:

Ink printing - Magnetic ink - Specialty ink (i.e. for aluminium or plastics) - Water-based ink - Continuous, digital, laser, inkjet - Flexographic printing - Hot stamping, mirror silvering - Offset, photogravure, serigraphy - Platen, pressing, rollers


 Any questions or specific needs regarding our viscosity measurement solutions?
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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Sofraser sensors deliver instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, concentration, phase detection, density etc.

Whatever the industry, our experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications."

Dr Philippe BURG
Sales & Applications Manager