Viscosity measurement in petroleum industry


In refineries and petrochemical processes, on-site control is of primary importance in regards to product quality. Viscosity is one of the key parameter of many petroleum product. It influences storage, handling, and operational conditions.

With the need to optimize exploration processes in the Oil & Gas industry, Sofraser has developed process viscometers able to provide viscosity, density, temperature and temperature-compensated
viscosity (TCV).

Pioneer in process viscometry
, Sofraser's viscometer is THE ORIGINAL tuning-type sensor (vibrating rod at resonance frequency). Discover Sofraser's product range for efficient viscosity monitoring of
petroleum products: crude oil, liquid hydrocarbons, heavy and light fuel blends...


 REFINERIES AND PETROLEUM INDUSTRIES face different constraints: 

 Sofraser - Viscosity Oil and Gas   - Quality of petrolechemical products and derivatives depends on

    - Partial understanding of processes due to lack of monitoring steps
    - Viscosity changes with product quality and process temperature
    - Difficulty to characterize the behavior of reference products
    - Varying origin of crude and refining methods



- A single sensor able to provide instantaneous measurement and
  efficient analysis: dynamic and kinematic viscosity, density and temperatureMIVI viscometer

- Avoids drift during manufacturing and
  guarantees end-product quality
- Processor directly calculates Viscosity at Reference
  Temperature (TCV)

- Correlated to the ASTM standards
- Works without maintenance and has no wearing parts
- Viscosity meter resistant to high-pressure and high-temperature environments (HPHT)

Discover the Sofraser Best Seller Solution for Oil & Gas industry:

Sofraser - MIVI 9601

MIVI sensor and 9601 processor
For refineries and petrochemical processes  


Most common applications in Oil and Gas industries:

- Petroleum upstream: Drilling mud - Mud concentration - Extraction - Logging While Drilling (LWD) - Measurement While Drilling (MWD) - HPHT and PVT operations

- Petroleum downstream: Refining - Oil cracking - Visbreaker - Asphalt - Coker - Fuel oil blending - Petroleum Additives manufacturing - Bitumen - Crude oil and distillation residues - Transfer - Pipeline turbine flow meter correction - Counting - Distribution 

- Utilization: Oil clarification - Pitch dilution - Water, sedimeny and oil separation

- Combustion: Heavy fuel oils (HFO) - Light fuel oil - Marine diesel oil (MDO) - High viscosity fuels - Animal fat boilers - Black liquor recovery - Coal ash - Coal slurry - Ethanol 

- Control: Pump control - Tar control - Oil wear control - Oil contamination control - Pitch coating

- Product (use/manufacturing): Lubricants - Cutting fluids - Lubricating oils - Mineral oils - Oil additives



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Expertise and innovation in viscosity measurement and control

"Sofraser sensors deliver instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, concentration, phase detection, density etc.

Whatever the industry, our experienced team understands and develops solutions for numerous applications."

Dr Philippe BURG
Sales & Applications Manager